How to Cancel Your Subscription / Get Better Results

Modified on Thu, 22 Jun 2023 at 01:03 PM

If you're thinking about cancelling due to not getting enough results from our service, or wish to cancel for a different reason, see the related sections below:

Want to cancel due to not getting enough results from our service?

Please first give us the chance to help you - we sincerely want every member to benefit from our service! 

In addition to the tips below to help you quickly get more gig requests and job opportunities, as part of your membership, you can request for a member of our team to personally review your profile to give you customised tips on how to get better results with us (see point 5)

1. BEST TIP - Improve your Profile Quality Score

Your profile quality score shown in your account is directly linked to your success - the higher your score, the higher your profile appears in our worldwide directory. Higher rankings = more gig requests. 

Sign in now and click the 'Improve Profile Quality' button to start improving your score and attract more bookings! 

2. Make sure that your Gig Notification Settings are set for maximum exposure.

3. Follow our free 10 Steps to Success Strategy - everything you need to improve your success with us in one place! 

4. Follow our free Get More Gigs 101 online marketing strategy - helping you to get gigs with us, but also via your own website, social media and more.

5. Request your Free Profile Review! - we will manually review your profile completely free to give you customised advice on how to start getting more gigs / jobs with us.

If you are still not satisfied after following the above advice and need help, please contact us via your account or submit a ticket and we will work with you directly to improve your profile until you are receiving more requests, job opportunities and bookings!

Change to a Non-Recurring Subscription

If you don't wish for your payment to automatically renew, simply cancel your subscription via your 'Manage Subscriptions' section in your account, or directly via your PayPal account (see below). After cancelling, your subscription will remain 'Active' for you to continue using it until your subscription period ends. When ended, it will become 'inactive' and you will no longer be charged.

Want to cancel for a different reason?
If you are happy with our service but no longer require it at the moment, it's simple to cancel:

PayPal Subscription(s):
If you paid via PayPal, simply sign in to your account with us and click Manage Subscriptions > Unsubscribe or sign in to PayPal directly here to review and cancel any of your 'Pre-approved Payments'.

Debit / Credit Card Subscription:
If you paid with your debit / credit card and not with a PayPal account, simply contact us via your account or submit a ticket and a customer service representative will assist you to cancel any of your subscriptions.

When cancelling your profile, it will still remain 'Active' for you to continue using our services for any remaining time left on your subscription. If you wish for it to become 'inactive' straight away after cancellation, please contact us.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To cancel, you must cancel / contact us BEFORE your subscription payment(s) automatically recur. Subscriptions that have already automatically recurred before we receive a cancellation request from you unfortunately cannot be refunded, as the service has already been delivered. 

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