Tagging Photos & Videos FAQs

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Tagging FAQs


Why should I tag my photos & videos?


If you have added your profile to more than one category then you will now need to tag photos and videos for your new category / categories. This is so that the right photos and videos appear on your new category profile. 


For example, if you are a singer and you have added yourself to the ‘Wedding Singer’ and ‘Guitar Singer’ categories, then you can tag photos and videos of you performing at a wedding for your ‘Wedding Singer’ category profile and photos and videos of you singing with a guitar for you ‘Guitar Singer’ profile.


Once you’ve tagged your photos & videos:

  • Your category profiles will show the right photos and videos to bookers 
  • You will increase your profile quality score by 20% and appear higher in the search results
  • You will have a better chance of getting booking requests


What photos / videos should I use for my categories?


You should choose high quality, clear photos and videos of you performing that are relevant to the category you are tagging. 


For example, if you have added your profile to the ‘Piano Singer’ category, your photos and videos should ideally show you performing at a piano. If you’re a Close-up Magician and you’ve added yourself to the ‘Wedding Magician’ category, you should aim to tag photos and videos to this category of you performing at a wedding or wearing clothes that would be appropriate for this type of gig.


Can I tag one photo or video for 2 or more categories?


Yes, you can tag each of your photos and videos to as many categories as you like. But you will need to make sure they really represent your performance for that category or your photos won’t be approved.


I’ve tagged my photos. Why can’t I see them on my profile?


Once you’ve tagged your photos, they are submitted for approval. Our admin team will check every photo and video that has been tagged to make sure it is high quality and genuinely represents the category it has been tagged for.


One of my category profiles isn’t appearing, what’s happened?


If you’ve tagged a profile photo for one of your categories and it hasn’t been approved, you won’t appear in that category until you’ve submitted a new photo and it’s been approved. It’s vital that every profile that appears in our search results shows relevant photos and videos so that bookers will want to contact our artists & event services.


Why wasn’t my photo / video approved?


Photos and videos may not be approved for two reasons:

  1. They aren’t high quality. This would mean that photos are unclear or blurry or that videos have poor sound quality or are shaky.
  2. They aren’t appropriate for the category they were tagged for. For example, if you tagged a photo of you performing as an aerialist for your ‘Fire Performer’ profile, this wouldn’t be approved since it would be confusing for bookers searching for Fire Performers.


My photo / video hasn’t been approved, what happens now?


If your photos or videos haven’t been approved,  you can either tag another photo you think is appropriate for that category or upload a new photo and tag that. This will then be submitted for review.


I’ve tagged my photos and videos but they’re wrong, how can I un-tag them?


If your photos and videos haven’t yet been approved then you can simply go back into the tagging function and un-tick the category you want to remove.


If your photos or videos have already been approved for that category, you will need to delete them from your profile to remove them. Simply add the photo/video again and select the correct tag.   


I want to change a tagged profile photo, how do I do that?


To do this you will need to delete the photo from your profile. Once you’ve done this you can re-upload it if you still want it to appear as a secondary photo on your profile.

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