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Modified on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 01:15 PM

If you added one of our badges to your website to gain +10% Profile Quality Score, but received a message that our automated checker couldn't find the badge, here are some quick solutions to get you sorted asap:

Wix Websites

If you added the badge code to a Wix website, the issue is caused by Wix adding the code within an 'iframe' by default, which our crawler and even Google crawlers cannot find. 

You can find two quick solutions here.

Iframe Issue

There are many different website building software e.g. Weebly, Squarespace, Wordpress etc. and they all manage the adding of code in different ways. Wix for example (see above) adds our badge code by default within an 'iframe'. This causes a problem, as our crawler and even Google crawlers cannot find links that are added within an iframe.

If you added a badge to your website and our crawler cannot find it, the most common reason is due to your website builder software adding it via an iframe. If you've checked the other possible reasons below and they are not the reason, you will very likely be able to sort it quickly by either of the two solutions here (Note: the link will take you to an article about Wix websites, but the same information will help with any website builder software where the code has been added within an iframe).

No Link added to Your Badge

If you added an 'image' of one of our badges to your website page instead of our badge code, you need to also include a link to your profile. Simply add your Profile URL link either to the badge image or within the page content. 

You can find more information on how to do this here.    

(Note: the link will take you to an article about Wix websites, but the same information applies for websites built in any other software also).

Submitted URL Issue

1. Http / Https

A common issue is when members initially enter the http version of their page url, which is accepted, but then e.g. a few months later, they update their website to Https...but forget to re-submit the new https URL. If you added an automated redirect from your existing Http site to your new Https site, then our crawler will follow the redirect and automatically update your new URL. If you didn't add an automated redirect, you'll need to re-submit your new Https URL here

2. Misspelt URL 

Most users copy and paste their URL when submitting it for verification from our crawler, so this isn't an issue. Some users however manually type it and make a spelling mistake - if the URL doesn't exactly match then our crawler won't be able to find it. You can check the URL that you submitted for spelling mistakes here.

3. Capitalization of URL

The link that you add on your website must be completely lower case only - not including any capitals otherwise our crawler and many search engine crawlers e.g. Google, will not find it.

Unacceptable link example: 

Acceptable link example: 

You can check the URL that you submitted to see if you added any capital letters by mistake here.


SSL Certificate (Https) Expiry Issue

If your SSL certificate expires and you haven't renewed it yet, our crawler will try to crawl your submitted https URL...but it won't be able to find it until you renew your certificate. If you renew it within 10 days, our crawler will try again and should successfully find it. If you renew it later that 10 days, your profile quality score will drop by 10%, so you will need to manually click to request our crawler to find your URL again here.   


Why was my badge found previously, but not now?

Up until our recent update, our admins manually reviewed the page on your website to see if the badge was present. If yes, the admin would approve it and your score would be increased. Our recent update to our automated checker now automates the process, but additionally checks to see whether the badge was added correctly to your website. The biggest issue was due to website builder software (most commonly Wix) adding external code via an 'iframe' which our automated checker (crawler) and even Google Crawlers cannot find! This means that although it may look to you and our admins like the badge is added to your website, in reality behind the scenes no link to your profile is found by our crawler or Google crawlers, which means no benefit is given to the ranking of your Profile, your website or our website in Google search results - all very important ways to bring in new gig requests!  

Our updated crawler is now able to detect if the badge has been added correctly or not. Our support articles then help you to quickly sort the issue and gain even more ranking benefits than you had before, due to the link being found by Google crawlers and our crawler. 

What will happen if I don't fix the issue?

If the issue isn't fixed, unfortunately you won't gain the 10% to your Profile Quality Score and depending on the issue, you may also not receive any ranking benefit increase in Google searches for your Profile or Website. We therefore highly recommend to fix the issue with our quick solutions, or contact us if you need more support to do so.     

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